Saturday, February 5, 2011

Freedom & Democracy For The People Of Egypt,The Middle East, and North Africa!

I have nothing but respect for the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, Syria, and Sudan. For the citizens of any country who have for decades suffered under oppressive regimes to come together and peacefully demand their right to rule themselves - without the prompting of any leader or political party - is truly unprecedented and reassuring. My thoughts are with these people, and I hope that the 21st century ushers in an era in which truly democratic societies are allowed to flourish.

To those like John McCain who label this phenomenon "a virus" and call for these revolutions to be quashed: you have surrendered pretense to any iota of credibility you were ever suspected to have (not by me though). To Barack and Hillary: The audacity of your rhetoric - constantly weakening your prior stances to compliment what side seems to be winning, without ever taking a firm stand for the right of the Egyptian people to freedom and democracy, is repulsive. Also: Butt out! Do not dare meddle in this situation. Your precious buzzword "Democracy" means that the people make their own decisions and rule themselves - not that the people choose a regime within the bounds of what is approved for them by the government of another nation. They clearly do not want to be ruled by their current President, Vice President, Prime Minister, or military. And why should they? These are members of the regime that are complicit in the oppression of the people and the perpetrators of the brutality that has been inflicted upon the peaceful protestors in Cairo. While you're at it, why not bring our troops home to their families? Haven't you had enough of un-democratically forcing "Democracy" down the throats of other nations? Or have we not killed enough brown people yet?

To America: Take a look at what is happening... in the Arab world of all places! Don't YOU think it's time we governed OURSELVES?

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Peace and good will!


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