Monday, April 27, 2009

Good morning out there to all my...

Some may not love, some may refuse to love, some may refute the existence of love, some may hold their breath underwater, while others may not breathe at all; however, it is unlikely that either of us is one of those bozos, so shall we commence with ye diatribe?

Alas, no...

For today is a special day (dei?) among the spheres; for today is this today is my first blog.

Perhaps this is not true!
Perhaps this is not false!
Perhaps this is wood glue!
Perhaps this dental floss!
Perhaps you misconstrue!
Perhaps an edge emboss'd!
Per nickle, neither shoe!
But rather tattered gauze!

I promise one day I'll return with rants two below you're mine, but as for tonight...

I retire.

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